What are the features of biking betting?

In many countries, as well as in Thailand, biking is not the focus of either online gambling providers or the player community. However, biking stakes have their pros and can be profitable due to the cool odds. Bettors from Thailand can read everything they need to know about gambling on biking here!
It is common for gambling providers to drum up the promotion about good biking odds. This is also possible because the bookies can lose less with fewer bettors – even if they allow higher odds on favorites.

What events to bet on?

There are so numerous biking races all year round that bettors from Thailand have a wide range of options to watch and gamble on. However, there are a few outstanding events:

Tour de France. At least once a year, in June and July, eyes turn to biking. It is an event that causes a stir around the world. For the athletes themselves, the tour is more crucial than a world tournament. It has been captivating millions of viewers in front of their television screens for years, and gambling on this championship is also enjoying popularity. All other events in this field are the so-called “second-class” and often only serve as a preparatory race for the top event.

Giro d’Italia. Of course, the biking value of the Giro D’Italia, the Tour of Germany or the Tour of Spain should not be written off at this point. But no event comes close to the Tour de France. The Giro D’Italia is particularly famous as part of the Grand Tours. Here the participants mainly fight for the pink jersey of the leader. There are also some Giro D’Italia gambling providers on the market.

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More biking highlights. The popularity of the tournaments is also growing due to the growth of the gambling industry and its interest in biking: stakes on the Tour de France are particularly popular among bettors from Thailand.

But there are also more and more other competitions in addition to the tour in the bookmakers’ programs, such as: Vuelta a Espana, Milan-Sanremo, Paris-Roubaix, Liège-Bastogne-Liège, the Tour of Flanders or the Tour of Lombardy. From the point of view of German betting fans, it is very pleasing that the Germany Tour is also increasingly being found among online bets. Stakes on a mountain bike or MTB are still very rare.

What is the most convenient way to bet on biking in Thailand?

People from Thailand can easily bet on biking since many fans prefer to place their bets on biking at bookmakers via the Internet. Fans from Thailand are mainly interested in the European tournaments mentioned above. Online gambling on biking in Thailand is simple and carries a high probability of success if a novice understands this sport. To make the most profitable bets in biking for a particular race, you will need to choose a bookmaker and a certain strategy by which you will play.
To place their first online sports bet, the user needs to register on the website of the bookmaker office. Such a procedure is extremely simple and will only take a few seconds. There are two ways to create an account – from a computer and from a mobile phone. You can register with most bookmakers through the application, after downloading it in the appropriate section on the offices’ websites.
In Thailand, the sites of many bookmakers are available, which implies you should choose the one that has the most favorable conditions, has long work experience and a license.

What else to take into account?

Novice bettors from Thailand should pay attention to the following factors while betting:
The study of theory. Every successful player knows the betting terminology thoroughly and knows how to “read” the painting. For example, “Express” and “system” are often confused, but they are quite different. In particular, in the multiple bet, the failure of one event leads to a loss. There is no such thing in the system, however, and the winnings are smaller. Particular attention should be paid to studying the rules of the bookmaker. For example, bets on hockey are accepted by all betting operators, but they are calculated differently.

The principles of the bookmaker. The player confronts the bookmaker and to achieve the result it is necessary to understand how the bookmaker functions. In the line, the bettor sees odds that, when multiplied by the amount of the bet, and the correct choice of the outcome, increase the game bank. Quotes reflect the percentage of probability of a particular event. However, this calculation is not always correct and the coefficient, according to the player, may be overestimated. In each outcome, the bookmaker lays a certain commission – margin. The higher the margin, the lower the odds. And the lower the quotes, the less the player will win. On one or two events, the difference in conditional 0.2 (zero point two tenths) is not felt.

Choice of strategy. Sports are unpredictable and even the luckiest people cannot count on a permanent win at bookmakers. In order to consistently play in plus, bettors from Thailand need to decide on a game strategy and strictly follow it. They can test the strategy on a bookmaker’s demo account or on resources that allow people to bet on virtual money. In addition to the game strategy, bettors from Thailand need to be able to manage bankroll. Beginners don’t even need to look for anything but the classic flat. Just bet a fixed amount on each bet. Preferably no more than 5% of the bank. This will help bettors to gain the necessary experience and allow them to control excessive gambling with minimal financial risks.

We hope that these tips will help bettors from Thailand to make money on betting on biking!