What are the features of biking in Thailand?

For uninformed travelers and biking fans, it’ll be a surprise that in southern Thailand the influence of Muslim culture is much stronger. Instead of Buddhist temples, here you’ll see traditional oriental markets and the most beautiful monuments of Islamic architecture, as well as try local cuisine, also differring from other parts of the country, the dishes of which instantly restore strength after biking.
For “experienced” cyclists who have had enough of seascapes, the discovery is the Khao Sok National Park, which, like the Jungle Book come to life, is an impenetrable green thicket. Among them you can hear the cries of monkeys and the singing of exotic birds. Usually cyclists start their biking trip around Thailand from Bangkok, which also opens up to travelers from the other side – in addition to the bustle of the metropolis, here you can find shady alleys and amazingly beautiful canals.

Organizers of bike tours in Thailand claim that travelers often talk about unexpectedly good roads. Indeed, here you will not find any potholes and dizzying turns, but thrill-seekers in Thailand will not be bored too: for them there are dirt roads that run through the jungle. True lovers of comfort will also be satisfied, because the road surface for biking here is impeccable, the turns are smooth, so cycling will not take you much strength and nerves.

How to make additional income for traveling on betting?

Betting is a great option for people who aren’t satisfied with their salary but want to travel more. We offer you to try betting! Biking betting is becoming more and more popular every year. This is largely due to the idea of ​​the main idea of the 21st century: earn money on what you love, putting a minimum of effort into it.

Within the framework of cycling, each rider has his own narrow specialization. In addition, before placing a bet, be sure to see what route the race will have, with what terrain. First of all, you need to look at the specialization of cyclists. Secondly, bet only on those riders who have a good team.

Pay attention to the physical condition of the riders and the news from the teams. Races are held under heavy rain and hail, and under the scorching sun. No one is safe from a cold, and there is no time to heal and recover at all.
There is no dedicated cycling betting strategy. The key to success is to follow all the little things in the life of teams and riders. This is especially true at a distance of 20 days, of which multi-day cycling consists. If you can learn all the nuances, then you’ll have excellent chances to play at a distance with a profit. So good luck in betting!